Professional competent responsive

To have someone voluntarily guide you through this roller coaster of buying and selling a home is amazing to me. Yes, they can unlock doors and help you see things about homes. Sure, they must understand contractual law. Of course they can navigate financial matters. But I needed a GREAT realtor, one that does more than “basics”. The process, although exciting, also covers many other emotional extremes. An exceptional realtor needs to know how to support you through the process of disappointment, constantly changing plans, last-minutes “emergencies”, stress, etc. Erin was that for me! Not only was she professional, competent, and responsive; more importantly, she was real with me. Her honesty and candor showed an understanding of the big picture, especially when I couldn’t see it myself.  She was ALWAYS available and willing to talk and help, even when the process was overwhelming. She gave me space to talk through ideas, even when I am sure she knew they would eventually be dead ends. I appreciated of her organizational skills and communication that kept me informed of the details. She met and exceeded all my needs throughout the entire process. I will definitely work with her in the future and I feel confident recommending her!