pleasure of working with Erin

We had the pleasure of working with Erin at J Residental Properties. We began conversations several months before we were ready to even consider purchasing. Erin was very patient, kind, and understanding in my fears and hesitations about this process as a first tome home buyer. She respected my boundaries when I said I needed to wait, but she also didn’t forget about me and checked back in when I had asked her too. 

Once we did get things rolling, she set me up with a mortgage company, who was able to walk me through the process just as clearly, they worked great as a team. 

Our time was short and sweet with Erin once we started because we knew what we wanted and found it right away, but it was a great experience. 

Being first time home buyers Erin was amazing at explaining all steps and keeping us posted on anything going on. She answered all my questions promptly and so it made sense to us.

I highly recommend Erin and J Residental Properties